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Συνεργασία με ένα τοπικό διαφημιστικό γραφείο

No matter whether you’re just starting out on a new project or are already active in the marketplace and want to see your business, shop or practice grow and expand its customer base and turnover, one of the main prerequisites for success is a good reputation.

But how can you build the reputation of a small, local business and how can you bring it to the attention of your target public? How can you 'sell' its image better, so you can go on to sell the products or services you offer? In other words, how can you 'build' your business's brand?

There are two ways: one is to expend time and energy on it yourself, if you have enough of either and know about marketing and communication. The other is to hire a specialist to undertake it for you; of course, this will mean an increase in your payroll and your operating costs.

But there is a third way: collaborating with an agency that can provide you with an integrated solution for promoting and enhancing the reputation of your company, and in a more efficient and economical way, too.

Which raises another two questions: where can a local business find the right partner?
And is the best solution really working with an advertising agency that is large but remote from the market in which your local business or practice is active?

If you believe that the best solution is to work with a marketing company based in a big city, think again!

Because the most appropriate solution for you, the owner of a small local business, is an advertising agency based in your area, which knows the local market as well as you do.


1. A local advertising agency understands the local market better

Marketing strategies often fail because they haven’t been properly targeted at the public a business wants to sell to.
A local advertising agency knows your area well along with the demographic and social characteristics of the local market, the different types of publics it contains, and the way consumers behave, think and live: what they like, what interests them, what and how much they buy.
So the local agency can adapt its marketing to the particular public that interests you, and do so more efficiently.
If, for instance, you communicate with your audience via social media or if you have website, a local advertising agency will come up with the messages that will supercharge your posts and the keywords you need for more effective SEO. This will place your company higher up in the Google search results, increasing your visibility in your local target market through more targeted campaigns.

2. A local advertiser will provide you with a better service

It is true that large advertising agencies have larger teams to call on, but what they gain in size they lose in flexibility.
Collaborating with a large agency can sometimes be hard, as they are not always available to provide you with the solution you need when you need it. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a daily direct line of communication with the big boss.
In marketing and advertising, there is nothing more crucial than the relationship between the advertiser and the client. And working with a smaller local advertising agency means that you’ll be able to speak more directly to the boss to discuss any issues that may have arisen or any changes you’d like to make.
Which is why a local advertising agency can usually provide higher-quality services, while also coming up with more left-field, creative ideas and getting things done faster. Not the mention the fact that a local office can work more flexibly and respond in real time, reducing the cost of implementing a project and the time required to deliver it.

3. A local advertising partner can offer synergies at a local level

Another important advantage of a local advertising agency are the possible synergies with other businesses advertising in the region, and the potential to develop a local collaboration network.
For example, a local advertiser can provide its advertising and promotional services to two or more businesses which share strategies and objectives on better financial terms. In addition, cooperating businesses could purchase advertising space or time in the local media at better rates, or even jointly sponsor a local team at a considerably reduced cost.
Furthermore, they might also agree to promote or advertise non-competing products or services through each other’s channels—their social media presences, physical shops and websites—, thereby reaching a very specific and desirable audience.

4. Local advertisers have better relations with the local Media

Public Relations are a vital communication tool for any business, bringing many significant benefits, particularly in terms of ‘building’ a good reputation.
Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that a major media organization in Athens or a nationwide TV channel would cover a story about a local business in an article, advertorial or story.
In this case, it is far better to contact the local media, as there is a much greater chance that they will give you the coverage and publicity you need.
Even more importantly, this approach will also permit you to approach your desired audience more effectively, since it is one and the same with the local media’s readership/viewers.
A local advertising agency collaborates with local journalists on a daily basis, feeding them with interesting material about young entrepreneurs, new start-ups or original business concepts in the area—all of which are issues the local media are keen to cover.

5. The economic benefits of forming a partnership with a local agency are especially important

The cost of working with an advertising agency can often be prohibitive. As a result, many businesses either do not invest in marketing and communication at all, or hire someone to take care of it in-house.
However, the latter entails an increase in the business’s operating costs.
However, if you choose instead to collaborate with a specialized agency based in your area, the cost may not be so prohibitive. Why?
Because you can negotiate the terms of your cooperation better, adapting them to your specific needs, working within your capabilities and the budget you have available. You can also request specific services or commission specific projects. Finally, you can even pay in instalments.
Don’t forget that a local advertising agency is more flexible, can outsource at a lower cost and consequently enjoys lower operating expenses—all of which translates into financial benefits for you.

6. You develop bonds of trust through a long-term working relationship

Working with a local advertising agency can evolve into a long-term relationship based on trust, even friendship.
When you have got to know your local advertiser well and built up a good personal relationship with them, the chances are that they will become a reliable partner.
That will be beneficial if, for example, you move into a new field and need the services of an advertising agency, since the advertiser will know you better, know what you want and need, your values and your philosophy, so it won’t be necessary to go back to square one when you start work on the new project. Of course, this will also save you time and money.
Over time, you realize that the work you have done together has strengthened the bond between you, and that a successful advertising campaign benefits you both.

So, if you need the services of an advertising agency, remember this: the answer may lie very close at hand.

OPEN UP COMMUNICATIONS was founded for that very reason: to support the local businesses and brands of Naxos and its surrounding islands, and in the process to broaden their horizons until they encompass the whole of Greece and even further afield.
So you have a reliable partner who understands your goals and needs and can develop the appropriate creative approach as they work alongside you, in line with the budget you can make available. Which means the money you invest will bear fruit and your revenue will increase.
So get in touch with us now, tell us what you need, and we will help you open your doors to your business’s future clients.

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